What Does Gritty Mean To You?

What do you think of when you hear the word “Gritty”?

Yeah, I didn’t know either…

But, my daughter came home from school the other day & she has a project to interview a “gritty” person.

At first I thought…dirty, sand paper, rough.

I ended up googling it…

It is defined as showing courage and resolve.

Think of a person that perseveres through it all & is fiercely determined to attain their goals and dreams.

Then…she shyly told me that she wants to interview me!


At first I was nervous… do I have anything interesting to say?

Then as I was in the shower (all my major ideas happen in the shower when I can’t write them down!)…I realized that I am GRITTY!

Here are a few things that made me realize how gritty I am:

-healing years of gut & chronic lower back issues with diet and lifestyle changes

-giving birth in the back of an ambulance (fun fact!)

-becoming an entrepreneur when my baby was 18 months old because I NEEDED to be there for her & I couldn’t do that in my 9-5 job

-completely changing directions in my entrepreneurial journey (from real estate to health coaching to business coaching) while going through a divorce

-owning my own home & vehicle AND supporting my two kids as an indie mom

I get knocked down & I brush myself off and get up again.

And my girl sees that in me…& probably others do too.

But, it took my baby girl asking to interview me for me to really see how brave I have been in pursuit of my purpose.

And that it what I want for you to.

I want you to be held in a sisterhood with other gritty women.

Women who are just as determined to not only stand in your passion & follow your business dreams…


Still be present and spacious in your personal life.

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