Letting Go of The “Shoulds”

I have a confession.

I have not been feeling inspired to do all the things that I “should”do.

Like…posting on social media daily, consistent emails to my list, consistent blog posts, having CTAs that are funneling potential clients where they “should” go.

All the things I have learned in all of the training I have submersed myself in, what I have learned from years of experience, and what I do for my clients.

And I have been so ashamed of it. So instead of showing up at all…because I don’t have a specific strategy, plan or content calendar, I am staying inward with my own business while I focus on my clients.

But, the thing is…that this is ok!

This is part of the cycle of days, weeks, months, years, and BUSINESS!

The inspiration will come when it is ready and I have marinaded for long enough.

And even though it doesn’t look like I am actively “working” my business…I really am, by doing the deeper work.

So I am going to show up, without a plan and trust that all this inner work will gestate into my next epic move.

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