I Could Have Quit…But Instead I Showed Up!

Last week I hosted a Delegation Challenge. It was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who played along, I hope you got as much out of it as I did.

But…I want to share a little bit of back story. My week started like this…

Saturday – I came down with a head cold.

Sunday – I really struggled with mothering with a head cold.

Monday – The challenge started and I was completely depleted physically and emotionally. AND my business coach was at a retreat.

I was thrilled that my coach (who is also a close friend) went on a retreat and was FINALLY filling her cup…but I totally went into a state of panic and negative mindset.

What if no one shows up to my Facebook Lives…

What if no one participates…

Maybe I should just quit…

But…instead…I showed up! And then I took some time to myself and went to bed early.

Tuesday…I showed up again…I was still struggling a little bit physically and emotionally, so I took care of myself MORE…I went on a walk and when I came back to my computer people were starting to engage with my FB live. I took a bath BEFORE dinner and when I came back to my desk, even more people were engaging.

Just this simple energy turned things around, not just for me, but for the challenge that I so deeply wanted to impact people in a positive way!

I am telling you all this because if I didn’t have the tools that I have, I maybe would have quit and thrown in the towel and stopped showing up.

But I didn’t because…

I have tools like a network of support of like minded women (in addition to my coach) I was able to get some emotional support at a time when I needed it.

I have systems, procedures, and structures in place so I know what NEEDS to get done, when and what the priority is because I had been able to get out ahead of my work and content creation the week before.

And I actively maintain simplicity, boundaries and goals that allow spaciousness in my life and business I was able to take some time to myself.

These are all tools that I have acquired, created, and developed over the past four years during my own business building journey. (I feel it’s important to say here that even when you have all the tools, it can STILL be SUPER challenging.)

And now I am ready to share them with you!

I am excited to announce a new way for you to work with me!


The Online Business Mavens Mastermind.

I believe you have a message the world needs to hear.

I believe you have unique stories, experiences, and life changing transformational skills and tools to share that can support people in making their lives better for themselves and those around them.

I also believe that you can have a successful business sharing these gifts that is streamlined and has systems that work for you and allow you to step away from it and money continues to flow.

And I also believe that you and your family DESERVE for you to be BOTH a successful online business maven AND an uber present mother.


You are stuck in overwhelm spinning on the hamster wheel, all along juggling ALL the plates struggling to find focus, forward momentum and operating from your zone of genius.


You deserve freedom, and clarity and boundaries.

Imagine how good not running around like a chicken with your head cut off feeling like a fraud would feel…

Imagine feeling grounded and protected in your life biz would feel…

Imagine taking all the “stuff” you’ve been learning and practicing and trying to implement so you can heal yourself and change the world and synthesizing it into well coconut oiled, money making machine…

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