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Want to leverage your time, your gifts and your impact so you can do it all and still spend sacred time with those that matter most…INCLUDING YOURSELF??

Let me help you get there!

Do you sometimes feel like you are flying by the seat of your pants?

Are you overwhelmed by your endless list of things to do and find yourself procrastinating… scrolling Instagram, leaving you feeling frustrated, alone and in complete comparison paralysis?

Do you crave organization and forward momentum?

Do you desire accountability with implementing systems and ways of leveraging content and automation that lead to feelings of freedom, clarity and an inner knowing that you’re handling your biz (and your life) with precision and care?

Are you seeking community and ways to connect with a network of other heart centered mavens that support and lift each other up when it’s time to celebrate as well as hold the light when it’s dark and things feel scary?

Having effective systems and clear goals are the foundation to running a successful online business.  You need systems and goals in order to delegate, automate, and streamline your business AND to make more money!

I want to help you strategize, manage, and organize your business in this way so that you can have more freedom in your schedule to work on the tasks that create revenue in your business and have more time to be present with your loved ones.

Remember… these are some of my superpowers and I believe in my online business maven heart that together we can change the world one leveraged step at a time.

Are you ready to up-level by delegating the things that you aren’t uber proficient in so you can stay in your zone of genius more?

I offer a range of services that can help you do just that!

Maia is a wonderful virtual office manager. She is a rare combo of both super responsive and attentive to details AND able to talk strategy and see the big picture in your biz. As a coach herself she is also able to jump in as needed in my group coaching communities and help to lovingly hold space on Facebook and also hold the hands of clients if they have a question or need to schedule their calls. I'm very particular about who I bring into my biz and have found this particular skill set ellusive. Maia is clean in her communications and open and honest and a wonderful contribution to my team and I recommend her for yours!
-- Courtney

Online Business Mavens

FREE Facebook Group for Online Business Women looking for systems, strategy, support, and sisterhood.
WARNING: Joining this group may result in the following side effects:
  • Learn how to create systems in your business that will increase productivity and focus.
  • Create a schedule that will result in balance and presence in your business and personal lives.
  • Develop healthy boundaries in all areas of your life to maximize your potential.
  • Set goals that are in alignment with your values and your purpose that are actually attainable.
  • Surround yourself my other online business women with endless support no matter what phase of business you are in.
Join this FREE Facebook community of Online Business Mavens, who are coming together to find ways to prioritize their passions, purpose and desires so they can design their ideal life AND business, and spend more quality time with their family. Get exclusive access to weekly coaching sessions, masterclasses, challenges and other amazing resources from moms from all walks of life sharing their experiences and strategies for success!
I was the typical, “I know what I need to do, I’ve got this” woman trying to balance too many balls in the air. Prior to my first session with Maia, I didn’t think I needed help – after all “I had it”. Oh, was I wrong! So wrong. Working with Maia for a full session was amazing. She guided me and nudged me gently when I needed it and more stern when I needed it. We set achievable goals that were not a burden to my life but were inspiring and helpful. Her Miracle Morning advice and practice is GOLD! Thank you Maia - for helping me move forward in the past six months! I am thankful for your voice, guidance and friendship.
-- Victoria