Can We Get Real For a Minute?

Can we get real for minute?

You know…

The on your knees in the kitchen crying kinda real…

The horrified faces of your babies when you completely lose-your-$h!t and the sucker punch that comes afterwards because you vowed to yourself you’d never let them see you like this kinda real…

How about the 3rd night in a row where it’s been cereal or rotisserie chicken for dinner, because there was no plan or fresh food in the house kinda real…

Then there’s the working all kinds of crazy hours day and night and blowing off your morning routine because there just aren’t enough hours in the day kinda real…

And let’s not forget the “I’ve taken all theses courses have all these amazing certifications, gifts, and super powers to share with the world, but I’m too scattered, overwhelmed and down right tired to try to figure out why the button on my website doesn’t work… and if I have to mess with it anymore I’m going to throw my computer across the room and call the whole thing off!” kinda real.

Are you with me?

Please don’t leave me hanging out here alone… you’ve been there too right?

From the conversations I have with my clients, friends and soul sisters these moments of “oh my gosh, I can’t take it anymore” always happen when I am juggling too many things, have let my boundaries get sloppy and I’m not taking good care of myself, my body, my mind or my business for that matter!

Trying to do #allthethings, pretzeling and people pleasing–seeking perfection at every turn is playing small and frankly strangling my business with a big ole bottle neck… ME.

So here’s what I’ve learned: I can have it all, but I don’t have to DO it all.



To those of you who were raising you hands and nodding along with me… I have a few questions for you:

  1. What do you think about when you hear the word delegation? Does is fill you with dread, panic, fear, or overwhelm?
  2. Do you feel like you don’t have time, aren’t organized enough, or need to make more money in order to delegate?
  3. Does the thought of releasing control and letting someone else inside your business make you feel uncomfortable?

These are all completely normal feelings to have around delegating and around your business (aka your baby).

But…it doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, delegating can help you take your business to the next level, IF you can get past these blocks.

The reality is that delegating is really the only way to stop holding your business back and FREE her… ALLOW her to reach greater heights without completely burning yourself out….and ending up on the kitchen floor crying, while your kids hide in the other room.

How would it feel to have the time and space, the patience and presence to be able to sit with your kids for snack time and listen to them tell you all about their day and not worried about that button on your freaking website?

Imagine checking your email after a client session and seeing that you’ve sold three spots in the Mastermind you’re offering, 20 new people have opted into your fun new freebie and 9 new people have asked to join your FB Group….

This level of growth and impact doesn’t happen without delegating. Period.

I want to help you get to a place where delegating sounds exciting, relieving, and like a breath of fresh air!

This is why I have created The Delegation Challenge and I’m so excited to share it with you.

It’s happening next week from 9/16 until 9/20.

This challenge has the potential to:

  • uncover the blocks you have around delegating
  • pinpoint what tasks that would be easiest to delegate for where you are in your life and biz right now… and in the future
  • discover the type of person you would want to delegate to
  • hone in on what task only you can do (aka your zone of genius)
  • get clear on what steps you would need to take in order to start delegating
  • decrease the amount time spent feeling stressed, overwhelmed and like you being pulled from all angles
  • increase the amount of time you spend in your genius zone
  • create more time and freedom in your life and in your biz
  • stop you from bottle necking your business and set her FREE so you can make more money and create more change in the world

Ok, so I know those last few may feel a bit lofty for a 5 Day Free Challenge, but this is how powerful I believe this tool can be when you all it to work for you. There’s no limit to how high your life business can soar to when you spend most of your time doing what you do best and letting others do the rest.

During each day of the challenge you will receive an email with the challenge/activity of the day and some fun exercises to support your process.

I will also be joining you on Facebook Live in the Online Business Mavens Facebook Group each day to dive deeper into the topic of the day.

So what do you say?

Are you ready to put down all the spinning plates and come join me?

Click HERE and I’ll see you on the other side!

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